card header iconWhat is a middle college high school?

A middle college high school is a high school that offers a combination of high school and college courses as its curricular program through a process called “dual enrollment." The goal of our school will be to graduate students with 30 to 60 transferable college units and/or one or more associate degrees. Embedded in the high school program will be multiple support systems to ensure students are academically and emotionally ready and able to be successful in their college courses.

card header iconWhat are the benefits of this model?

  • Proven to prepare students for college per our mission/vision goals
  • Gives students a head start in college and career
  • Students who graduate from dual enrollment programs are more likely to attend college after high school, are more prepared for the rigors of college and are more likely to graduate with a degree than students who are not in a dual enrollment program.
  • Huge potential for savings in acquiring a college degree. Students take classes for free at the college (materials not included) while still enrolled in high school. The units are transferable to colleges and universities
  • Increases the rigor and relevance of the student's high school courses.

card header iconDoes a student have to take college courses if enrolled at the school?

  • Students enrolled at the high school level will be required to take at least one college course per semester
  • Embedded assistance helps set students up for success in their college courses.
  • We have an all school AVID program and tutoring available for students both at the school and at the college.

card header iconIs there a certain GPA my student needs to keep to attend WMCHS?

In order to maintain enrollment at Sacramento City College, WMCHS students need to earn a C or better in each WMCHS class.

card header iconWhat happens if my student fails College Courses and/or Regular school classes?

WMCHS will work to provide support and options for each individual student to maintain eligibility for UC/CSU enrollment or transfer after graduation.

card header iconWhat will this cost?

High school students, through dual enrollment, can take college courses for free. The cost of books/materials will be covered by the school.

card header iconHow will students be transported to the college/back?

Students enrolled at SCC receive bus passes for public transportation.

card header iconWhat hours will my student attend College?

  • 9th graders will take their classes on the WMCHS campus with college instructors.
  • 10-12th graders will generally either take morning classes and arrive at WMCHS by 12:30 or afternoon classes, leaving WMCHS at lunch.

card header iconAs a parent am I able to contact the College to see how my student is doing?

WMCHS students are extended the same privacy rights as every college student, therefore SCC cannot release any personal information to parents. WMCHS communicates with students and SCC to monitor student progress and course completion, so parents will never be left out of the loop.

card header iconWill the school have a sports program?

Students are able to play league sports as members of River City High School teams.