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About Us

What_Is_a_Middle_College_High_School? Card IconWhat Is a Middle College High School?Top of Page

A middle college high school is a high school that offers a combination of high school and college courses as its curricular program through a process called “dual enrollment." The goal of our school will be to graduate students with 30 to 60 transferable college units and/or one or more associate degrees. Embedded in the high school program will be multiple support systems to ensure students are academically and emotionally ready and able to be successful in their college courses.

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WMCHS will prepare all students, especially those who are at-risk and under-served for success in college, leading to professional careers through a blended high school and college curriculum.

WMCHS achieves this mission by offering project-based learning, a blended instructional model, dual enrollment and early college experiences, and differentiated support through a nurturing, family based school culture. WMCHS is structured on the Middle College National Consortium Design Principles with possible career pathways available to all students. WMCHS career pathways will provide students high school and college courses, internships, and hands-on experiences directly aligned to each student’s pathway of choice and post-secondary plans.

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WMCHS is a place where all students develop character while acquiring the core knowledge and skills necessary for high school academic achievement, college admission, college graduation, and ultimately success in today’s 21st century and the workforce. With unwavering high expectations for all stakeholders, WMCHS will provide a high quality blend of high school and college courses to all students. These courses will be centered on a pathway of choice. Students will take core content high school courses meeting A-G requirements and community college courses that support both the attainment of an Associates Arts Degree and career focused electives.

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On February 16, 2017 during a regularly schedule Board of Education meeting, the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) Trustees approved the renewal petition and material revision of West Sacramento Early College Prep Charter School’s Charter (WSECP) to be operated as Washington Middle College High School Charter School (WMCHS)—An Innovative Dependent Charter School.

What makes the school unique is its strong partnership with Sacramento City College—West Sacramento Center allowing students to be immersed in a blended program drawing on both high school and college-level curriculum. 

Students in West Sacramento have limited choices within the District when a comprehensive high school setting does not work for them. By revising the education program to a middle college high school program, West Sacramento students who have different goals for their high school years will be able to earn an associate (AA) degree in a small school setting, with personalized instruction and a guided plan aimed at helping them attain 30-60+ credits of university transferable college credits upon high school graduation making them better prepared for and more likely to finish a four-year college degree.

West Sacramento Early College Prep’s current Charter expires on June 30, 2017 and the approved renewal charter petition extends WSECP’s operation for an additional five-year term from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2022. As part of the renewal request, WSECP sought approval to materially revise their education program to a middle college high school program changing its name to Washington Middle College High School—an innovative dependent charter school operated entirely by WUSD serving students in grades 9-12.