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Counseling Resources

Counseling Resources

Work Permits


Work Permits are handled by our Counelor, Ms. Claudia Gaona Botello. Follow the instructions below and contact her with any questions.
  • You can find in-depth information about student work laws here on the state's Dept. of Industrial Relations page.
  • Print out and complete the “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor & Request for a Permit”, also known as the CDE B1-1 form. This form must be completed and signed by both the employer and a Parent/Guardian. 
  • Next, return the completed CDE B1-1 form to Miss Claudia at the school. Please call her at 916-375-7901 or via email at to coordinate a time to drop off the CDE B1-1 form in exchange for a validated Work Permit which will expire five days into the next school year. The school will keep a copy and you will take the second copy to your employer, both copies must be signed by you.