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Learning Center

The Learning Center concept for Washington Unified School District (WUSD) was developed to fill the needs of possible students, who for whatever reason, may have difficulty connecting with the internet or experience other connectivity issues.  

Students we anticipate having these difficulties have been prioritized as our homeless or foster youth students, but could also involve other students. Because connectivity will be of critical importance during virtual learning it will be essential for our schools to provide access as soon as possible to those students who need it as long as safety guidelines can be followed.

In addition, students of WUSD employees could be designated access if space is available.     

Basic Learning Center Operations Structure:
  • Supervised Space with WIFI = 12 students max per room 
  • Verbally screen clients for known or suspected COVID-19 in self or close contacts 
  • Verbally screen clients for fever, cough or respiratory systems in self or close contacts 
  • Use of a no touch thermometer to take the student’s temperature 
  • Wear a facial mask; students and staff will be required to wear a mask 
  • Practice and require proper hand hygiene and alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap-and-water 
  • Disinfect exposed and potentially contacted surfaces and materials in between students 
  • Enrollment priorities are as follows:  
    • Students who are identified as Homeless, Foster Youth
    • Students without internet access
    • WUSD Students of WUSD Employees
  • Program Hours:
    • During School Hours

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